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ZPR Is a piece of free software that produces orthophotos.
ZPR Uses an alternative method to accomplish that.
ZPR Assigns colors to laser scanner point clouds and orthographicaly projects the pointcloud to the requested plane.
ZPR Then fills the final orthophoto's blank holes by interpolation.
ZPR Is fast, small, open-source under GPL, written in C++.
ZPR Uses Intel's OpenCV Library, GNU Scientific Library, GetPot Library and a modified version of the C++ GSLwrapper.
ZPR Was developed by me, Natsis Stefanos, for my diploma thesis at the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, of the National Technical University of Athens.
ZPR Was released in November 2007.
ZPR Can be downloaded from the sourceforge project page.
ZPR Deserves a better homepage than this!

Natsis Stefanos (c) 2007